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Adloox in MediaTel

Adloox in MediaTel


Thought-leadership piece from Anglo/ French ad verification company Adloox.  The company, which helps media agencies get better value from their clients’ digital advertising budgets, is making progress as more ad spend is invested in ‘programmatic’ real time advertising: when the advertiser buys an ad spot based on what is known about that person (independently of the website they are looking at), rather than buy an ad spot on a particular website.

The effectiveness of online advertising can be hit and miss. Sometimes ads are out of sight (viewability), sometimes they’re not clicked on by a real person (fraud) and sometimes the technology puts ads in inappropriate places and contexts (brand safety).

While other companies offer such ‘verification’ services, Adloox operates an extensive whitelist, which gives advertisers confidence that ads will only appear on websites professionally vetted by the Adloox team (rather than running a reactive ‘blacklist’). The company also offers really detailed auditing at ‘domain URL referrer level’, in other words, the media agency can see which sites were successful in a campaign, and those that were less so.

In this article in MediaTel, CEO Marco Ricci argues that while working to improve viewability is important, the bigger issue is an industry suffering from a lack of transparency – and how that makes it vulnerable to fraud.




Case Study: TransferWise

TransferWise saves consumers money when transfering funds between UK and EU bank accounts. While banks and established money transfer companies will charge up to 15% of the total value of the transfer, through a poor exchange rate and/or high fees. TransferWise’s crowdsourced p2p model matches payments on both sides and charges the customer a nominal fee.

Having debuted at Seedcamp the previous year, the company was seeking to build its profile – primarily in UK tech and mainstream media. The business has a strong tech story: co-founder Taavet Hinrikus is a well-known entrepreneur and angel investor in his own right, having been Skype‘s first employee and involved with the business when first sold – to eBay.

Approach: Developed two separate narratives to support the company’s seed funding announcement  a study based on the money expat pensioners are losing – to reach mainstream consumer press & personal finance writers; and a story focussed on the new wave of startups causing disruption in the finance sector.

Results: Blanket tech media press in all top-tier tech outlets for funding announcement, plus consumer coverage in The Sun, Mirror and Telegraph. Full coverage on Storify, below:

Case Study: WhoSampled

WhoSampled is a music discovery service built on the world’s largest database of samples, covers and remixes.

The aim was to generate coverage in consumer media to drive downloads of the company’s first smartphone app on iPhone. The app scans your music collection, finds related samples, remixes and covers and, using YouTube videos, allows you to compare them side by side to the originals.

Approach: focussed primarily on visibility in tech media and securing app reviews. Created infographic on company’s unique data to drive digital traffic. Created audionalysis report based on company data with aim of targeting music writers.

Results: Coverage in tech & consumer tech outlets including The Next Web, Wired, Stuff, Gizmodo, Guardian, Independent and many more. US coverage included USA Today and Time.

Case Study: AlertMe

Having developed its business model from ‘clean tech devices company’ to ‘connected home platform provider’, AlertMe was seeking to break out of utilities trade to reach a wider audience of tech media opinion formers.

We achieved positive coverage in two priority publications GigaOm and The Next Web, when the company annouced a data partnership with British Gas.

GigaOM: AlertMe’s ‘huge’ UK gas deal: big data for real people

The Next Web: The home of the future takes one step closer as AlertMe smart home tech partners with British Gas